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Title Bonds

What is a Georgia certificate of title bond?

Section 40-3-28 of the Georgia Code Annotated requires 4-year surety bonds for vehicles with missing titles as part of the state's certificate of title application process. If a vehicle owner cannot prove ownership due to a missing, stolen, or defective title, they can purchase and file a title bond. If this situation applies to you, a Georgia bonded title allows you to claim legal ownership of your vehicle with the state.

How does a Georgia title bond work?

By filing a Georgia title bond, you verify your vehicle was not stolen or acquired fraudulently. If a previous owner or lien holder comes forward with vehicle ownership evidence, a claim can be made on the bond. The surety bond company would pay a valid claim up to the bond's full amount, and then the bonded individual must reimburse the surety company for claim expenses.

Your motor vehicle certificate bonded title will work for standard vehicle registration, insurance, and sales purposes.

How do you get a Georgia vehicle title bond?

You can purchase Georgia title bonds by providing the following information for Motor Vehicle Division approval.

  • name
  • address
  • county
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • vehicle year, make, and model
  • Value as determined by https://onlinemvd.dor.ga.gov
  • copy of bill of sale or other ownership documents
  • Driver’s license

How do you get a Georgia vehicle title bond?

Georgia certificate of title bond costs are based on the value of the vehicle and may be as low as $150,. The exact cost will vary depending on the surety bond amount required by the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division.